WHO IS MELIKŞAH? Melikşah, the Turkish Seljuk Ruler, was born in Isfahan in 1055 and died in Baghdad at the age of 38 in 1092. Throughout history, he has been an example with his courage, determination and success in wars. Omar Khayyam, the great Iranian poet, is one of the great intellectuals of that period who was protected in his palace. Melikşah’s greatest ideal was to establish the Islamic Union by gathering all Muslim states under one flag. In the past, three quarters of Anatolia was obtained during the time of Melikşah. THE LIFE OF THE GREAT SELJUK EMPIRE MELIKŞAH! Melikşah was born on Sunday, August 16, 1055. The period when Melikşah ascended the throne at the age of 18 was the most brilliant period of the Great Seljuk State. During his reign, the Great Seljuk State reached its largest borders. First, he captured Transoxiana and Harzem by suppressing his uncle’s rebellion. Famous vizier Nizamülmülk played an important role in both the ascension of Melikşah and his victories. Three-quarters of Anatolia was attained during the reign of Melikşah and great success was achieved in Syria.

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