Hakkı Bulut was born on February 3, 1945 in Tunceli province, Mazgirt district. He studied in the village where he was born until the 5th grade in primary school, the 1st grade in the middle school in Tunceli and the 2nd grade in Mazgirt. Later he moved to Adana and finished the third grade of secondary school in Ceyhan. After graduating from Adana Boys’ High School, Hakkı Bulut, who graduated from Adana Teacher Training School from outside, was also involved in music due to the influence of his father’s playing saz and his interest in music at a young age. He made his first record in 1967. Orhan Gencebay and Arif Sağ accompanied him by playing baglama on his first record called Leylam. After winning the Golden Voice competition held in Adana in 1969, he did his second recording and immediately afterwards he read his work titled İkimiz is a sapling (1969), which was also written by himself. Later, he allowed dozens of artists to perform this work. (For example; Tülay Özer 1974, İbrahim Tatlıses 1974, Kamuran Akkor 1975) As one of those who laid the foundations of today’s arabesque music in 1969, with works such as Ben Buum, Falcı, Ben Köylüyüm, Don’t Touch My World, he produced 18 45 records and 58 albums so far. The artist, whose compositions and lyrics of 900 works belong to him, received the Golden Long Play award with 6 Golden Records, 1 Golden CD and I Got My Repentance, The Last Letter, and has been rewarded many times by various institutions and organizations. The artist allowed them to perform their works, whose lyrics belong to him, by giving them to other artists. Nearly 250 of his works have been voiced by other artists.

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